Music Streaming Woes

I’m ditching after NINE YEARS of using the service. Nine years doesn’t seem like all that long of a time really, but it really does seem like a different lifetime.

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out of over 1,300 artists was awesome in 2005. Today, is bullshit. It’s been steadily sliding ever further into a mire of shittiness for several years, but now they’ve announced that streaming radio is pretty much over even for the people who pay for it. The only streaming option left is through the player embedded on the website, which is terrible and really just plays YouTube videos. Poorly.

Nope, wants to focus on its strengths. The scrobbling thing and the recommendation thing and all that, which are all things that other streaming services finally caught on to and started emulating. A decade ago, these features set apart from the others. Now, they do not, and has abandoned the final feature which set them apart – ad-free music streaming on a variety of devices (it used to be free, but has cost $3 for a few years already). They also ditched their XBox app sometime in the last month or so. It’s just gone.

So fuck you,, I’m done with you. Where do I go now?

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